LED lighting is the newest mass-produced lighting technology, and it is becoming more and more widespread. If you’re thinking about designing a new house or remodelling your house, you should pay some attention to LED lighting. If you’re not a professional designer, however, it might be hard to figure out how to use LED lights aptly, this article will give you a few actionable ways of adding LED lights to your home.

In the Living Room: Complete Control

Do you want to have complete control over the looks and feels of your living room? Would you like to decide precisely the intensity of the lighting and which colour and shade it will be? This is all possible with LED lighting.

With traditional lighting, you’re either stuck with boring yellow/white lamps or get different colours through a cheap coating surrounding the lamp, which doesn’t produce the best colours, to put it lightly. You can get true colours with LED lighting, and this will help you design a much more attractive living room not possible with traditional technologies.

In the Kitchen: Lighting to Cook Comfortably

Lighting in the kitchen is important to cook safely and comfortably - sadly, it can be hard to light up the kitchen properly due to multiple factors:

  • The kitchen is often large, and people underestimate the intensity of the lighting required to properly light it up.
  • Lamps in the kitchen deteriorate and fail quicker than lights in other parts of the home - this is due to the humidity, oily nature of the kitchen that slowly damages the lamps.

LED lighting fixes both these issues and ensures your kitchen is constantly illuminated.

  • LED lights to come in many shapes and forms with different intensities, and this makes it easy to install it in your kitchen. You can install it in every nook and cranny of the room to ensure proper lighting.
  • LED lights last much longer than traditional ones - by some accounts, it lasts twice as much! This extended life of the lights ensures your kitchen stays bright for years to come. You can check out these aluminium profiles for LED lighting (link) if you want to see a few excellent profiles to install in your kitchen.

In the Bathroom: Create the Perfect Ambience

Having perfect ambience goes a long way when you’re having a long relaxing bath, and LED lights are the best for the job. You can accurately control the intensity of LED lighting - this is unparalleled in other forms of lighting. This coupled with the vast range of colour options available gives you complete control of the ambience you want to create in your bathroom.

In the Garden: Illuminate the Exterior at a Low Cost

Brightening up the exterior of your home and ensuring the garden gets enough light will only make it look gorgeous at night and lets you enjoy the view, but it will also increase the curb appeal and the value of your home. You can completely transform how your home looks from the outside by placing a few lamps judicially; the type of lamps you should place should be LED. This is because you need a lot of lighting to properly do the job, and LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting on the market - it consumes two to four times less energy than fluorescent lights. You can keep brightening up your garden without breaking the bank.